Why make the party experience stressful when you can hire a "DANCE PARTY PLANNER" for half of the price.   We host GREAT parties for kids and for adults.   You may choose from our many themed parties or create your own!  We promise EVERYONE will have a wonderful time!

Decade Party Options:
Rewind the clock and choose a decade party!
PARTY #1: 1950'S Sock Hop
PARTY#2: 1970'S Disco Party
PARTY#3: 1980'S/1990'S Throwback party

Party Pricing:
2-10 party guests=$210
11-20 party guests=$260
21-30 party guests=$310
31-40 party guests=$360
A $50 non refundable deposit is due at the time of booking. 


Fairy Tale and Fantasy Options:

Party #3: Alice in Wonderland Party
Party #4: Frozen Themed party
Party #5: A Princess Ballet and Tea Party