Important Dates:

August 1stTuition Due
August 8th      First day of classes
August 19th    Sidewalk Showcase/New Student Open House
September 1stTuition Due
September 4th      Closed for Labor Day
September 15th   Last day to register for fall showcase   
October 1st
Tuition Due
November 1stTuition Due/Production Fee #1 Due/Fall showcase ticket money due
November 19th    Once Upon a Time
November 22nd to 26th     Closed for Thanksgiving Break
December 1stTuition Due
January 1st
Tuition Due
December 22nd-January 9th    Closed for Holiday Break
January 15th     Closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 1st Tuition Due
March 1st Tuition Due and 2nd Production Fee due
March 26th to 30th   Closed for Spring Break
April 1st  
Tuition Due
May 1st Tuition Due
May 5th   Volume Photo Day 9am-noon
May 28th   Closed for Memorial Day
June 1st
Pro rated Tuition Due
June 7th    Last Day of Class
June 8th     Dress Rehearsal for Divas, Legends, and Superstars
June 10th  Divas, Legends, and Superstars 4-6 pm