We don't teach kids to make great dancers,
we teach dance to make great kids-
Misty Lown, More Than Great Dancing

All of our instructors undergo background checks.


Karsia Slaughter

Owner of Volume
Masters and Bachelor's from Murray State University
Minor and Certificate in Dance
Certified Dance Judge, Pound Pro, and Piloxing Barre Teacher
Former Head Instructor for the Universal Dance Association
Soon to Be Author of The Amazingly Awesome Adventures
of Dancing Dee




Alexis Mitchell

3rd year Volume instructor
Graduate of Cathedral High School
Certified personal trainer
Competitive dancer for 10 years
Technical Jazz Teacher




Ashleigh South

Graduate of St. Joseph's High School
Bachelor's from Ball State in Cellular Molecular Biology
Dance Minor

Jazz and Tap Teacher
Studied Graham technique
1st year Volume instructor





Toni Moore

Ball State University Graduate
Owner of Toni's Mobile Massage
2nd year Volume instructor
Starred in Memphis and School Daze
Indianapolis Tornado Dancer/Cheerleader