meet karsia, the owner of volume performance center


as water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart—proverbs 27:19


meet miss karsia!

karsia has taught dance for over 20 years. this kentucky native has a bachelor’s of arts in public relations, a minor in dance, and A master of arts in mass communications from murray state university. she was a head instructor for the universal dance association’s mid south region as well as a former pro dancer. she is certified in pound and piloxing barre. she has taught dance teams at north central, zionsville high school, clay middle school, cathedral high school as well as the indianapolis colts and Tennessee titans cheerleaders. she has also taught classes at purdue university and been a guest at butler university.

Karsia is cpr certified as well as certified in pound and piloxing barre.
her life goal is to teach dance at a university.