Lauren Graham, Indiana Pacemate

"Karsia has an incredible understanding of dance and how to teach it to students of all ages and coming from all different levels of skill. She is able to improve the least knowledgeable and still push the most talented. She forces you to learn the movements not only throughout your body, but also in your mind. As a new dancer and an adult, I have had the pleasure of learning nearly all of my technique through her challenging and engaging adult classes."


Jenna Lanzetta, Detroit Lions Dancer

Volume Performance Center is a special community.  I moved to Indianapolis looking for different studios that offered adult classes.  The staff goes above and beyond to make sure the students have a meaningful , fun, and productive experience.  The dance studio was my home while I lived in Indianapolis.


Ashley Piper, Choreographer for the San Diego Kings Dance Team

Ashley Piper is a native of Indianapolis and a graduate of Purdue University.  She continued her dance career after relocating to California.  Ashley is the choreographer for Santa Rosa High School and a former cheerleader for the San Diego Enforcer Girls.